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Distance studies

What is distance learning?
Distance learning is a study model organized by applying information and communication technologies, making it possible to study from everywhere at any time.
How does distance learning process organized?
Lectures take place remotely in virtual learning environments using video-conferencing capabilities. Despite the fact that classes are organized according to a pre-established study schedule and set time (about three times a week), participation in class is not mandatory, and students can watch previously recorded videos of lectures at any convenient time. Study process takes into account not only a time for lectures, but also consultations and other learning activities.
Is distance learning acquired diploma is different from another form of studies diploma?
After the distance learning studies are finished, student gets the same diploma as those who choose full-time studies and who attended daily lectures at the university.
Why choose distance learning studies at VGTU?
Many years of experience, advanced information and communication technologies and the world's most popular virtual learning environment (Moodle) could be great arguments to choose distance learning studies at VGTU. If it is not enough, it is worth mentioning, that distance learning studies are exceptional, yet affordable for everyone and everywhere.
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