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Bachelor studies

Faculty of Business Management suggest studies in social sciences field such as business, management and economic. In order to ensure a high quality of studies the faculty is constantly improving study programs in regard to the social and economic needs. Faculty also pays a lot of attention to the improvement of study process itself. Students have an opportunity to do their internship abroad by participating in ERASMUS international student exchange programme. Furthermore, international weeks take place at the University with the visiting professors from universities all over the world giving lectures for VGTU students.
These programmes below are taught in English and lead to the Bachelor's Degree in four years. The studies are carried out according to the study programmes that are arranged and approved at the University. Study committees certify study modules and arrange study programmes. 
Degree Programmes in English (Undergraduate Studies):
  • One of the first faculties in Lithuania that started studies in Business and Management.
  • A lot of different programs and specializations are offered.
  • Various studies forms and models are offered: permanent, part time, distance.
  • Studies for College Graduates - complementary studies are offered.
  • Student-oriented learning model is applied.
  • Ability to choose the subjects from the alternatives are given.
  • A lot of attention to oral and written communication skills.
  • Virtual learning environment "Moodle" is widely used through the learning process.
  • General Engineering knowledge form a constructive logical and systematic thinking implemented through subjects such as Engineering and Computer Graphics, Information Technology, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics).
  • New ways of study process are organized (e.g. complex project, consultations and interdisciplinary studies).
  • Abilities to develop entrepreneurship, teamwork and effective decision-making skills are given.
  • Possibilities to have partial studies abroad (every 3rd student uses this opportunity).
  • Innovative methods of studies (problem oriented learning methods, case studies and etc.) adequate to achieve the expected learning outcomes are offered.
  • Study program cards drawn up in consultation with business organizations, to assess the real needs of the economic sectors.
In Taiwan, few people have heard about Lithuania, not to mention number of people who have been there. I remember that my mom bought a world map in order to understand where Lithuania is after she knew I passed the selection. 

I went to Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) as an exchange student in September, 2013. There were so many international students from all around Europe and also some other Asian countries. I took an English-only course called International Business Management with my Taiwanese friend. Two of us are the only Asian people in that class, so we were usually asked questions about Asia. It was quite a culture shock, because Taiwanese students are not allowed to talk (or to discuss) in the classroom. There’s even no interactions between teacher and students. We are taught to memorize what’s wrong and right without identifying if it’s correct or not. Thus, I was forced to express my own opinions which were buried in the bottom of my mind for a very long time.

Many people wondered the reason why I chose this country. Frankly speaking, the living cost was my first concern. I found that the living cost in Lithuania is not as high as other European countries such as Denmark or France, in other words, the consumption level is quite the same as in Taiwan, which is affordable for me.

Erasmus (ERASMUS Students Network) is a very excellent association. It held lots of trips and parties, and also offered many chances for us to promote our countries. For instance, I joined a multi-language project that we can teach our native language and culture. Near New Year, I taught them how to write red couplets with water-paint brush and black water-paint replacing real Chinese writing brush and Chinese ink. I asked them to write down滿, which means ‘full’ in Chinese character. I recommend my students to post this word on the fridge wishing we all have sufficient food for living. At the same time, one student asked me if he can post this word on his stomach, which means he is full all the time. It’s a good suggestion, isn’t it?
I think I got a lot of souvenirs from this journey, and the biggest one is “story.” These stories are exactly priceless memory. I love the people here, the culture, the simplicity and the hospitality. For me, Lithuania is a home-like place.
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