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Researcher Award

During the twentieth jubilee international conference, organized by Donetsk National Technical University, Habil. Dr. Prof. Romualdas Ginevičius, head of the Department of Economics and Management of Enterprises at VGTU Faculty of Business Management, was awarded a medal for strengthening of international scientific connections. Prof. Romualdas Ginevičius is the international programme committee member of the international conference "Machine-Building and Technosphere of the XXI Century" in Sevastopol.

The VGTU researcher was awarded by one of the conference organizers - the International Union of Machine-Builders, which unites approximately twenty countries. Members of the union delivered presentations during the conference.

This was the fourth time Prof. R. Ginevičius participated in the international conference "Machine-Building and Technosphere of the XXI Century". Prof. Dr. Valentinas Podvezko, the Department of Mathematical Statistics at VGTU Faculty of Fundamental Sciences, Prof. Dr. Algirdas Vaclovas Valiulis, Dean of VGTU Faculty of Mechanics, and Irina Vinogradova, Senior programmer at VGTU Distance Study Center, also delivered presentations in the sections of the conference.

In the conference plenary meeting, Habil. Dr. Prof. R. Ginevičius delivered a report "Specialist training problems at the technical university". VGTU researcher spoke about the requirements for universities, which are trying to adapt to the constantly changing market conditions, what competences students need to acquire during their studies, how to measure the quality of higher education institutions work. "Requirements and competition are constantly growing. The main unresolved problem is that the graduates must be able to create job places. While the main objective of higher education institutions are to prepare specialists who would highest degree of entrepreneurship as soon as possible", Habil. Dr. Prof. R. Ginevičius stressed in his report.
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