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Business Management Research and Innovation Research Groups Management of Investment for Sustainable Development as Added Value for a Company

Management of Investment for Sustainable Development as Added Value for a Company

The aim is to identify and classify the investment for sustainable development in order to ensure the rational usage of investment with purpose to maintain profitability and increase the company’s value.
Topicality and originality of the research: There are many researches done and many scientists deal with the
concept of sustainable development at all different levels. But it is noted that the discussions on sustainable development as a standard-bearer of global changes, which take place at the national level, leave quite a lot of room for various interpretations and uncertainty at the micro level. Nowadays business units are under high pressure to be responsible for their way of existence. Investment in sustainable development in the context of a company leave many unanswered questions like purpose, quantitative expression and ability to account for investment activities, to maintain profitability and identify the position of investment for sustainable development within a company in order to increase the value.
In terms of relevant and complex issue of economic science, the rational allocation of investment, maintenance of profitability and increase of company’s value, it is necessary to emphasize that research requires conceptual, practical and justified solutions in form of qualitative and quantitative methods.
The results should lead to development of accounting principles for investment of company’s sustainability; and establishment of complex system for optimal allocation of sustainable development investment, which helps to increase company’s value and maintain profitability.
Investment, sustainable development, allocation of investment, value, profitability.


Dr Indrė Lapinskaitė (CV and publications)
Dr Nijolė Maknickienė (CV and publications)
Assistant Jelena Borisova (CV and publications)


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