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Business Management Research and Innovation Research Groups Influence of ICT development on society behavior changes, business and public sector performance, and impact on economic

Influence of ICT (Information and communication technologies) development on society behavior changes, business and public sector performance, and impact on economic

The aim of the research is to explore influence of ICT development on business performance and economic, evaluating such aspects as technological changes, society behavior changes, business environment changes, security challenges, etc.
Topicality and originality of the research:
Organizations efficiency and effectiveness directly related to the new opportunities and challenges which are brought by ICT development (like Information systems (IS),  cloud computing solutions, Big data, Open data, Gaming, Mobile apps, Artificial intelligence, etc.). These changes are vital and the dynamic environments, economic changes and society behavior should be investigated constantly in order to present latest knowledge of phenomenon for decision making.
The problem of lack of management models oriented or at least adapted to work with different tools and environments (presented by ICT) still exists. This is vitally important for business and public sector because acting in fulfilled markets (not just by products, but by huge amounts of information) is challenging and sometimes crucial.
Society behavior changes caused by ICT development is one of very important issues within this topic as well. E-business management decisions are directly related to consumer behavior, ability to use ICT, willingness to learn and implement new technologies and many more.
Economic development questions and issues should be analyzed in parallel such as ICT becoming more powerful in frames of knowledge economic.
Taking in mind resent situation in the world – the cyber security should be involved in the research as well.
Several research techniques are used: secondary data analysis, survey, experiment, biometric research, (eye tracking), expert evaluation. Analysis, comparison, and synthesis are exploited as well.
The research results could lead to changes in work processes and organizations resulting from ICT. Predicts various changes including organizational forms and modes of information management. Suggested that ICT will lead to new forms and modes of leadership, intrusion and regulatory expansion driven by ICTs.
Information technologies, information systems, behavioral changes, business performance, electronic markets, e. business, cyber security.


Prof Dr Vida Davidavičienė (CV and publications)
Prof Dr Aleksei Iurasov (CV and publications)
Assoc Prof Dr Aurelija Burinskienė (CV and publications)
Assoc Prof Dr Jurgita Raudeliūnienė (CV and publications)
Assoc Prof Dr Juozas Merkevičius (CV and publications)
Dr Natalija Guseva (CV and publications)
Dr Renata Činčikaitė (CV and publications)
Giedrius Čyras (CV and publications)
Sigitas Davidavičius
PhD students:
Jolanta Sabaitytė (CV and publications)
Elena Vengrienė


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