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Environmental economic problems

Environment control plays a crucial role in nowadays economy and the wellbeing of the society.  Unceasing use of natural resources and increased pollution problems are among top issues among politicians and scientists. However, there is still a need to assess the level of investments related to the development of the quality of resources. The investigation relates to analysis of paradigms and methodologies of human activities consequences on economic evaluation of environment.
The goal - formation of financial evaluation methodology of investments for air and water resources quality improvement.
Topicality and originality of the research:
The research will cover environmental economics and management concepts; green economy macroeconomic recording models; traditional accounting systems transformation of assessing the environmental factors; qualitative and economic-financial evaluation of the interaction of main ecological resources; traditional assessment methods of environmental protection investments.

  • To be applied use structural analysis and classification;
  • the interpretation;
  • development of the hypotheses;
  • descriptive statistics, hypothesizes causal relationships between variables; 
  • expert valuation methods; 
  • economic analysis;
  • correlation analysis;
  • regression analysis​ analytic hierarchy process; 
  • Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process.
Identification of variables and created methodology could help to evaluate financially air /water pollution effects and the possibility of inclusion of this factor in assessing investment decisions.
Environmental protection, green economy, air/water quality improvement, air/water pollution.


Prof Dr Daiva Jurevičienė (CV and publications)
Dr Artūras Stepanovas (CV and publications)
Prof Dr Jelena Stankevičienė (CV and publications)
Assistant Jelena Borisova (CV and publications)
PhD students:
Marta Nikanorova
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