Sitemap Mano VGTU Medeinė

Topics of Scientific Research Groups

International Business, Technology Transfer, Marketing; Economic Internationalization; Innovation Activities and Technological Progress
International Economic Relations, Technological Progress, International Technology Transfer, International Marketing,  Innovation Management, Knowledge Based Society, Knowledge Economy
Influence of ICT development on society behavior changes, business and public sector performance, and impact on economic
Information technologies, information systems, behavioral changes, business performance, electronic markets, e. business, cyber security
Investment portfolio management: interaction of return, risk and reliability
Investment portfolio, risk, reliability, sustainable development, efficiency
Research of the socio-economics problems
Social and economic policy, labour market, unemployment, income inequality, qualification, budget, taxes
Management and evaluation of knowledge management processes in the context of globalization
Knowledge management, Knowledge management processes, Evaluation of knowledge management processes
Artificial intelligence and other IT applications in economic
Finance markets, investor sentiment, forecasting, prediction
High Value Added Economy and Competitiveness in Context of Globalization
Value Added, Productivity, Productivity Determinants, National Competitiveness, Globalization
Optimization, modelling and research of functional logistics activities
Logistics, optimization, transportation, warehousing, logistics activities modelling, e-logistics