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About Research and Innovations

Faculty of Business Management participates in national and international projects, research programmes and publishes its scientific production results in order to contribute to the general vision of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University to become the most superior technical university in the Baltic States which unifys science, studies and business in creating innovative society. 
Every year faculty release more than 60 articles in recognized scientific journals of which more than half are included in international databases. The faculty actively engaged in teaching and publishing: monographs , textbooks , training and methodological publications.
Faculty of Business Management carries out social sciences research by integrating technical sciences but still maintaining the following research areas as priority:
  • Acceleration of innovation and economic reform in conditions of society transformation and EU enlargement.
  • Increasing enterprise competitiveness.
  • Modelling of Lithuania's economic and social development.
  • Research on application of innovative (including information) technologies in business and their impact on the quality of life.
  • Research on region financial system development.
  • Development of regional business risk information system (RBRS).
  • Improvement of business development projects and programme methodology and development of models.
  • Development of economic mechanism of environment protection and nature use.
  • Quantitative assessment of regional economic and social development.
  • Quantitative assessment of socioeconomic system.
  • Research on sustainable development of socioeconomic systems.
Faculty of Business Management continuously strengthens cooperation relations with business and industry companies, thereby increasing the potential for new research fields and commercialization of science.
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