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Success formula for Start-ups

Success formula for Start-ups
At November 2017 Alina Brazdeikienė gave the lecture "Product management and budget: How we do that in IT". Guest lecturer provide also important insights how to become successful start-up.

The lecture was organized as a part of the subject „Design Thinking for Start-ups“ to learn trough the practice directly from successful business examples. The biggest part of mentioned subject is based on practice-based learning, where business world representatives share their knowledge with young people, which is not only interesting but also useful. Lidija Kraujalienė, lecturer at the Department of Business Technologies and Entrepreneurship, was a moderator of this lecture.

Alina with a pleasure was sharing her knowledge in the lecture, providing advices for young potential business players. In the lecture Alina have presented the wild world of IT and product owner`s role in it, dealing with stakeholders, calculating product`s success and return of investments, risk assessment and budgeting, principle of AGILE.

Alina had presented such start-up project stakeholders as PO (product owner), P (producer) and PM (product manager), explained their responsibilities at work. Provide methods how to calculate return of investments, that is important for every project and also investors. While calculating the budget, Alina suggested planning about 50 % money for possible risk management.

How to be successful start-up? “About half (or 50 %) of start-up success is precise market research made before company start. Additionally, big and good partners could help to rise and reach high results”, - noted Alina Brazdeikienė. When you know your competitors, market players and size, customer need you may “catch” the success in developing the company.

Alina Brazdeikene has more than 5 years of experience in games, IT and media and currently works as a producer in Estonian game development company Creative Mobile, Starting as a writer, Alina came all the way up to PO`s (product owner) position to work with companies like EA, G5, FOX on product development.
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