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Finance Engineering study programme was accredited for 6 years

Finance Engineering study programme was accredited for 6 years
Finance Engineering study programme was evaluated by experts’ team on the 28th of October in 2016. The programme was evaluated by 21 point and accredited for 6 years.
A brief summary from evaluation report:
  • Aims are provided for both of the specializations (Investment management and Value engineering) and they are clear and well defined.
  • Students are encouraged to use various research tools and methods in the theses and the courses exist in the programme to introduce different research methodologies.
  • The qualifications and number of staff are more than sufficient for the delivery of the programme and the achievement of its learning outcomes.
  • The review team was impressed by the quantity and quality of the research activities of the teaching staff. This includes the efforts to involve students into research activities as well.
  • The review team was also impressed how much attention is devoted to students’ participation in the research activities: students are encouraged to participate in research activities, through the scientific practice, using the software of laboratory or having the tutorial of applying cloud computing for final works or scientific research.
  • The premises of VGTU for studies are adequate both in their size and quality: The University has a selection of small, medium and large rooms available for the implementation of the programme.
  • The teaching and learning equipment (laboratory and computer equipment, consumables) are adequate both in size and quality for delivering the programme: most of the rooms are equipped with a multimedia projection system and there is wireless access to the internet in all facilities. The software installed includes the latest standard software. Additional software for financial planning and trading strategies is available. The library gives access to Lithuanian and various international online literature databases. Students have the possibilities to access all university databases by not being at the university.
  • The faculty of Business Management has impressive list of foreign researchers paying short-term visits and reading lectures.
  • Relationships with social partners are living, regular and efficient, with a proper advisory function.
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