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Faculty Council

Council of the Faculty is the highest institution of self-governance. Council decisions are obligatory to all faculty staff and students. Activity of the Faculty Council is regulated by the regulations of the Faculty Council of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.
The Council activities follow the Law of Science and Studies, the University Statute and other National Legal Acts. The main functions of the faculty council are as following:
  • to make a decisions  regulating organization of studies at the Faculty, scientific, financial and economic activities;
  • to develop Faculty’s strategy of activities;
  • to discuss and approve Faculty’s development Plan;
  • to submit proposals to the University's Senate referring establishment of the new study areas –or cancellation of existing ones;
  • to discuss and approve study programmes and specialisation;
  • to discuss  entrance procedures and students’ quota.
Faculty Council Members:
Prof. habil. dr. B. Melnikas (Chairman of the Council)
Prof. dr. J. Stankevičienė (Dean of the Faculty)
Prof. dr. S. Mitkus (Vice-chairman of the Council)
Prof. habil. dr. R. Ginevičius
Prof. dr. V. Davidavičienė
Doc. dr. R. Martinkutė Kaulienė
Doc. dr. A. Miečinskienė
Doc. dr. J. Skačkauskienė
Prof. dr. K. Peleckis
Students’ Representative (G. Šipailaitė)
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